ISES conducted Facilities Condition Assessment for Guilford Public School

Project Duration:



7 Buildings,                                         430,000 GSF


Facility Condition Assessments

Guilford Public Schools collage

Guilford Public Schools

In response to a Request for Proposals issued by the Town of Guilford, Connecticut, ISES won a contract to conduct facility condition assessments (FCA) of six buildings for Guilford Public Schools, plus the Central Office and modular structures. This work amounted to an evaluation of approximately 430,000 SF.

At the conclusion of our assessment, ISES Corporation’s team presented our findings to the Town’s School Board, comprised of nine community citizens. We walked them through our process using a PowerPoint presentation, explaining that the culmination of the exercise is a powerful capital planning tool with which budget decisions can be thoughtfully made.

Findings were divided into three categories, the better to allocate scarce resources: nonrecurring needs, recurring facility renewal needs and recurring deferred maintenance needs. The Board was presented with a Facility Condition Needs Index average for its facilities, a total 10-year cost for renewal, an average 10-year cost per square foot, and average annual renewal cost per square foot. Total dollars by system were also presented. Not surprisingly, HVAC represented the largest capital need. Graphs and charts depicted all of the information visually.