The days of managing a set of buildings without accurate and precise data are over. Facilities condition assessment (FCA) data are collected by our expert architectural and engineering assessors and loaded into a database set up just for your campus or group of buildings. Data are housed in an SaaS application developed by ISES, which we call the Asset Management System, or AMS. All you need is an internet connection – no software to install or servers to maintain. Yet you have the ability to sort the data in nearly infinite ways to guide your priorities for repairs, upgrades and replacements in your building systems.
Ultimately, a facilities condition assessment helps you create accurate facility budgets, both near- and long-term. It includes a full lifecycle component inventory, based on industry standard life expectancies.

Categories Inspected:

  • Immediate Building Site

  • Exterior Structure and Roof Systems

  • Interior Structure, including Architectural Finishes

  • ADA Accessibility

  • Energy/Water Conservation

  • Health

  • Fire/Life Safety

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • Plumbing Network

  • Electrical Network

  • Vertical Transportation

ISES uses two useful calculations in our reports to help you in your planning. The FCNI provides a lifecycle cost comparison. It is a ratio of renewal costs over (typically) ten years (including deferred renewal) to the current replacement value of the asset. The current replacement value is based on replacement with present construction standards for the facility use type, and not original design parameters. This index gives you a comparison within all buildings for identifying worst case/best case building conditions. The FCI is a ratio of the deferred renewal costs to the current replacement value.
FCNI equals Renewal Costs Divided by Current Replacement Value

FCNIs greater than 1.0 indicate that the sum of the estimated cost of renewal needs recommended to restore the facility to modern standards is greater than the hard costs to replace the building.


The FCI is a ratio of the deferred renewal costs to the current replacement value.

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