The Seal of Contra Costa County California

Project Duration:

2007, 2014


2007- 90 buildings, 3+ million GSF

2014- – 48 buildings (29 update inspections, 19 new inspections), 974,500 GSF


Facility Condition Assessments

Contra Costa fca

Contra Costa County

ISES was commissioned in 2007 to conduct a Facilities Condition Assessment for 90 buildings owned and managed by Contra Costa County, California. The facilities, which represent more than 3 million square feet, include office buildings, detention facilities, Head Start facilities, health clinics, homeless shelters, animal shelters, libraries, veterans halls, and maintenance facilities.

ISES then delivered an Executive Summary of the condition of these buildings and an analysis of how the Contra Costa County facilities compared to similar municipal facilities across the US. Findings showed that, generally, the condition of the facilities was at or above the national average. Despite the lower-than-average need for modernization, the overall results demonstrated a higher-than-average capital renewal need. The ISES team identified that many high-cost systems will be due for replacement within the next 10 years. As a result of the data provided by ISES, the municipal government was able to improve its management of capital planning and long-term budgeting.

In 2014, the County once again engaged us to update the data in the ISES AMS database. This process not only revised existing building information, but also added new facilities to the database.