When it comes to equipment that powers a facility, or a power plant to run a portfolio of facilities, Rob is your man. You may have noticed that utility infrastructure runs in his blood. (Yes, Bob is his dad.)

Rob manages ISES’ utility and infrastructure assessment programs, personally conducting the high voltage electricity, steam generation, steam and condensate distribution, and street/site lighting portions of those assessments. He also performs capacity assessment studies and planning analyses, including steam and condensate distribution systems and power plant systems.

When Rob is not licking his wounds from rooting for the Detroit Lions, he can be found managing

asset/equipment inventory programs for our clients. He is a whiz with UNIFORMAT II codes and a fanatic for detail. He oversees teams of ISES inspectors who affix barcode tags to equipment, capture the manufacturer and model of each equipment item, create databases that track and monitor asset lifecycle, and calculate current and replacement value for each equipment item. Under his careful direction, the team generates SOPs of preventive and predictive maintenance for each equipment item.

Prior to joining the ISES team more than 10 years ago, Rob worked with high voltage electricity as a field-testing technician. The primary customers were major hospitals, universities and manufacturing plants. Rob earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Siena Heights University. Yes, that’s in Michigan.