Only call him Hiram if he’s in trouble. Since he never is, call him Hikie. But do call him. He’s in charge of the AMS (Asset Management System) software, which both clients and in-house personnel use to calculate future financial needs for any facility we’ve assessed. He manages access to and operation of AMS and provides training for AMS users. He develops new features and creates the system’s reporting attributes. Hikie also aids clients in special problem-solving needs related to the software.

Prior to joining ISES more than 20 years ago, Hikie designed and implemented an operational system for the marketing of real estate-related educational materials and seminars. Earlier, he developed commercial non-real estate lending and customer support operations for a bank.

Hikie has also worked as a quality assurance engineer. He developed procedures to verify that quality and safety standards were met during construction of nuclear power plants. Yes, a man of many talents.

When facility management clients need a special report run out of their database for a presentation to their boss in an hour-and-a-half, what do they do? Call Hikie.

Hikie earned a BIE from Georgia Institute of Technology. He’s a helluv-an-engineer.