Where do you start with a man like Doug? He is a master of everything related to facilities: condition assessments, component lifecycle modeling, energy use analysis, personnel and process management, process tools enhancement, assessor training and long-range facility budget planning. And he shares all of it with the ISES facilities assessors daily. Check out this list of accomplishments:

  • Facility condition assessment and reporting (4,000+ facilities)

  • Infrastructure assessment and reporting (20 sites)

  • Pre-purchase/due diligence analysis and reporting (21 sites)

  • JCAHO pre-inspection facility evaluation (13 sites)

  • Development of operating budgets and mission statements (3 sites)

  • Implementation of CMMS software in an institutional environment (2 sites)

  • Management of architectural and engineering services (2 firms)

Built on a platform of hands-on construction experience, Doug’s early career initially focused on integrated design/build contracting of such projects as shopping malls, parking decks, midrise professional offices towers, custom housing, clinical labs and offices, and specialized warehouse and industrial structures.

Clearly, he is uniquely qualified to perform and conduct process improvement on all manner of assessment and facility management consulting services. His clients and employers include industrial, institutional, military, correctional, educational, healthcare, retail and residential entities. In other words, everyone.

Doug earned a BS in architectural engineering from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, aka the Little Apple. His hometown of Plains, KS is notable for its Main Street, recognized as the widest in the US at 155 feet, 5 inches.