Edward H. Gee


Edward H. Gee

Ed Gee founded ISES in 1987, but we trace our roots back to 1980. At that time, Ed was instrumental in the first nationwide facilities condition assessment. For that project, a survey of historical properties at more than 50 National Parks across the US, he utilized the first computerized facilities condition database, a DOS-based system called BIPS. Ed recognized the need for providers of condition assessment services on a grand scale, leading to the founding of ISES Corporation. ISES has led the industry in developing this niche service into a vital comprehensive tool for larger landlords.

Ed Gee has more than 40 years of experience working in the management and engineering of institutional, government, commercial and industrial facilities. He has managed three corporations and held executive positions with US and international enterprises. Ed has held positions with the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, American Institute of Plant Engineers, Association of Energy Engineers, National Fire Protection Association, Association of Physical Plant Administrators, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, National Association of College and University Business Officers and The Society of College and University Planners. He served a four-year term on the US Access Board, advising the Justice Department on ADA policies. As patriarch and sole owner of ISES Corporation, Ed has led ISES to a position of national prominence.

Daniel C. Harrison

Executive Vice President, General Manager

Daniel C. Harrison

Dan Harrison has more than 30 years of experience in the facilities management and engineering fields. He has held key leadership positions in several large plant maintenance organizations and is well versed in all aspects of facilities management, including maintenance and utility operations, facilities planning, outsourcing, service contract management, preventive maintenance planning and work control.

Dan joined ISES in early 1992 as an architectural assessor. He quickly progressed through the ranks of FCA inspection personnel because of his ability to discern the needs of our clients. He soon managed key projects, then moved into conducting special studies, including benchmarking, staffing analyses and organization reviews. He was promoted to Executive Vice President in 2005. In this role, he lectures nationwide on facility management trends and has presented results of findings to numerous legislative committees and Boards of Trustees. He was named General Manager in 2011 and is now also responsible for all corporate operations and the development of new services.

Prior to joining ISES Corporation in 1991, Dan was a member of the United States Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps. Serving for nine years, he gained invaluable experience in the art and science of facilities management and operations. He earned a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama. He has published articles in Facilities Manager and CASH Register, and is the editor of Facility Manager’s Maintenance Handbook.

Kerrin Gee Thompson

Vice President, Finance

Kerrin Gee Thompson

Kerrin joined her father’s firm in 1998. Armed with a BS in Zoology from the University of Georgia, she initially worked in the QA department, where her responsibilities included reviewing assessment reports and data for accuracy, consistency and readability. After two years, Kerrin became Director of Business Development, coordinating all new business proposals, including responses to RFPs and SOQ requests.

In 2011 Kerrin became Director of Finance, and in 2013 she was promoted to Vice President of Finance. In this position she creates, analyzes and presents financial reports and statements, leads the annual budgeting and planning process, manages cash flow and forecasting, and communicates critical financial matters to senior management.

Heather M. Gee

Vice President of Marketing & Biz Dev

Heather M. Gee

After earning a BA in Marketing from the University of Georgia, Heather joined her father’s firm in 1997. In her first 10 years with ISES she worked in the Quality Assurance department, eventually supervising it. Her responsibilities included reviewing assessment reports and data for accuracy, consistency and readability. In 2007 she became Director of Marketing, and in 2013 Heather was promoted to Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

As the Chief Marketer of ISES, Heather is responsible for formulating strategies to capture new business. Her team responds to requests for proposals, manages the company’s overall corporate identity and advertising, public relations and trade show programs. A major recent focus has been on developing an enhanced inbound marketing program.

Carl E. Mason, Jr., PE

Vice Presient, Operations

Carl E. Mason, Jr., PE

Think of Carl as the ne plus ultra of ISES FCA project managers. He is responsible for the entire Facility Condition Assessment process and every FCA project we undertake ultimately reports up to him through his experienced team of project managers, facility assessors and quality assurance champions. He provides technical direction and supervision, managing projects in a timely manner and coordinating between architectural and engineering inspectors.

The buck could not stop at a finer place. Since joining ISES in 2000, Carl has worn out many pairs of shoes walking 84 million square feet of buildings while conducting facility assessments for our clients. He also conducts utility infrastructure assessments, specializing in potable, sanitary and storm water systems.

Carl is a Registered Professional Engineer in 15 states and he earned his BS in Civil Engineering at North Carolina State University. He is also a Building Security Certified Professional and an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Tony Simpson

Vice President, West Coast

Tony Simpson

Following his retirement after 20 years as the senior director managing facilities at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), Tony joined the ISES family. He joined ISES in 2015 with a well-deserved reputation, locally for exceptional leadership within the CSU system and nationally for facilities management and energy reduction strategies. Under Tony’s leadership, CSUSB led CSU sustainability efforts by becoming the first System campus to join The Climate Registry community. CSUSB met and exceeded the CSU Office of the Chancellor’s requirement of a 30 percent net reduction in BTUs per gross square foot from 2000 to 2010. Through innovative engineering, more efficient equipment and fixtures and practical behavioral shifts, CSUSB achieved a 33 percent reduction while experiencing more than 61 percent net growth in built space.

His honors and awards include APPA’s 2007 Award for Excellence, which is APPA’s highest institutional honor and provides educational institutions the opportunity for national and international recognition for their outstanding achievements in facilities management, APPA’s “Effective and Innovative Practices Award” (two-time recipient), AEE’s 2009 “National Energy Project of the Year” award and UC/CSU/IOU Sustainability “Best Practices” awards (six-time recipient).

Tony’s ISES responsibilities include contributing to the enhancement of our energy service as well as all our other services on the West Coast. He works closely with clients in California and other western states, serving in dual business development and other leadership roles to meet our clients’ needs.

Doug Fredendall

Associate Vice President, Process Development & Training

Doug Fredendall

Where do you start with a man like Doug? He is a master of everything related to facilities: condition assessments, component lifecycle modeling, energy use analysis, personnel and process management, process tools enhancement, assessor training and long-range facility budget planning. And he shares all of it with the ISES facilities assessors daily. Check out this list of accomplishments:

  • Facility condition assessment and reporting (4,000+ facilities)

  • Infrastructure assessment and reporting (20 sites)

  • Pre-purchase/due diligence analysis and reporting (21 sites)

  • JCAHO pre-inspection facility evaluation (13 sites)

  • Development of operating budgets and mission statements (3 sites)

  • Implementation of CMMS software in an institutional environment (2 sites)

  • Management of architectural and engineering services (2 firms)

Built on a platform of hands-on construction experience, Doug’s early career initially focused on integrated design/build contracting of such projects as shopping malls, parking decks, midrise professional offices towers, custom housing, clinical labs and offices, and specialized warehouse and industrial structures.

Clearly, he is uniquely qualified to perform and conduct process improvement on all manner of assessment and facility management consulting services. His clients and employers include industrial, institutional, military, correctional, educational, healthcare, retail and residential entities. In other words, everyone.

Doug earned a BS in architectural engineering from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, aka the Little Apple. His hometown of Plains, KS is notable for its Main Street, recognized as the widest in the US at 155 feet, 5 inches.

Robert E. Camperlino

Director, Infrastructure Services

Robert E. Camperlino

When it comes to equipment that powers a facility, or a power plant to run a portfolio of facilities, Rob is your man.

Rob manages ISES’ utility and infrastructure assessment programs, personally conducting the high voltage electricity, steam generation, steam and condensate distribution, and street/site lighting portions of those assessments. He also performs capacity assessment studies and planning analyses, including steam and condensate distribution systems and power plant systems.

When Rob is not licking his wounds from rooting for the Detroit Lions, he can be found managingasset/equipment inventory programs for our clients. He is a whiz with UNIFORMAT II codes and a fanatic for detail. He oversees teams of ISES inspectors who affix barcode tags to equipment, capture the manufacturer and model of each equipment item, create databases that track and monitor asset lifecycle, and calculate current and replacement value for each equipment item. Under his careful direction, the team generates SOPs of preventive and predictive maintenance for each equipment item.

Prior to joining the ISES team more than 10 years ago, Rob worked with high voltage electricity as a field-testing technician. The primary customers were major hospitals, universities and manufacturing plants. Rob earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Siena Heights University. Yes, that’s in Michigan.

Robert S. Gasaway

Associate Director, Biz Dev & Senior Project Manager

Robert S. Gasaway

Rob is the consummate seller-doer – the ideal fellow who both helps clients understand how ISES can assist them in evaluating their facilities’ needs, then implements the agreed-upon scope of work, delivering superior results.

He has moved through several positions at ISES. He was first responsible for the accuracy of our facility reports as a member of the quality assurance group. Later, he aided in the development of ISES’ vertical transportation planning analysis service (discontinued) and helped several clients write elevator maintenance contracts. In 2005, Rob transitioned to inspecting facilities for architectural features such as site, exterior finishes, interior finishes/systems, accessibility, health, and fire/life safety.

Rob’s talent for understanding client needs led him to move into business development in 2014, where he now spends most of his time bringing new clients onboard.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!

Jerry L. Watkins, Jr.

Senior Project Manager

Jerry L. Watkins, Jr.

Jerry is one of our more experienced FCA project managers. He has a contagious passion for excellence. His ability to build a rapport with clients reflects a core value at ISES: client service. Clients know they will receive superior service when Jerry’s leading the team, thanks to his 20+ years of experience in management of facilities and their operations, environmental and regulatory compliance, and project execution.

Jerry joined ISES in 2013 as an architectural systems inspector, assessing the building site, exterior structure and roof systems, interior structure and architectural finishes, compliance with ADAAG, and fire/life safety systems. His progression to senior project manager reflects his work ethic and ability to deliver projects on time, on budget and to consistently meet and exceed expectations.

Previously, Jerry served as the company vice president for a structural engineering design firm, as a district supervisor and projects engineer for UPS, and as a district facility manager for Target, giving him a diverse background of experience across private sector, governmental, municipal, transportation and retail business segments.

Proficient in MAXIMO, AutoCAD and several engineering design applications, Jerry earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Alabama. Roll Tide!

Hiram “Hikie” C. Allen

Manager, Customer Support

Hiram “Hikie” C. Allen

Only call him Hiram if he’s in trouble. Since he never is, call him Hikie. But do call him. He’s in charge of the AMS (Asset Management System) software, which both clients and in-house personnel use to calculate future financial needs for any facility we’ve assessed. He manages access to and operation of AMS and provides training for AMS users. He develops new features and creates the system’s reporting attributes. Hikie also aids clients in special problem-solving needs related to the software.

Prior to joining ISES more than 20 years ago, Hikie designed and implemented an operational system for the marketing of real estate-related educational materials and seminars. Earlier, he developed commercial non-real estate lending and customer support operations for a bank.

Hikie has also worked as a quality assurance engineer. He developed procedures to verify that quality and safety standards were met during construction of nuclear power plants. Yes, a man of many talents.

When facility management clients need a special report run out of their database for a presentation to their boss in an hour-and-a-half, what do they do? Call Hikie.

Hikie earned a BIE from Georgia Institute of Technology. He’s a helluv-an-engineer.