An objective, third-party analysis of your facilities management department may well reveal opportunities to enhance departmental efficiency and performance. The process begins with a 360° evaluation of the current state of the department and its interactions with customers and constituents. It also includes informal assessment of employee perspective and morale.

We look at your existing organizational structure, its alignment and functional relationships, appropriate utilization of technology, adequacy and functionality of assigned space, staff skills and expertise, and assess the quality of internal and external communications.

A comprehensive organizational analysis will also include a thorough business process review and a detailed staffing & resources study based on industry standards and established best practices. The resulting report will not only identify improvement opportunities but also provide specific recommendations and suggestions for implementation.

From the identification of a repair need, through the implementation of a correction, and on to the financial reconciliation, a large Facilities Management Department is essentially a business unto itself. Is yours running smoothly? An ISES BPR is a systematic approach to analyzing how work flows through an organization to help optimize its processes and achieve more efficient results. We look at production, service and support, and identify ways to reduce variation and waste to radically improve the organization.

Do you have the right number of staff in the right positions in your Facilities Management organization? How do you know? What about the deployment of technology and equipment? An ISES Staffing and Resources Study analyzes the number of FTEs in your organization – and their effectiveness – against industry standards, especially those recommended by APPA and IFMA.

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