Creating a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for your facilities is not difficult – just time-consuming. Most facility management departments simply do not have the staff resources to devote to this special project. ISES has created an organized approach that simplifies the process. Let our experts deliver a complete PM plan specific to your equipment and facilities. At the same time, we can barcode each device and create a master equipment inventory for upload into your CMMS.

ISES offers three distinct Operations and Maintenance Services. Ideally, an equipment inventory would precede the planning phase, which would be followed by the program development phase.

ISES delivers an accurate inventory of the maintained equipment in each of your buildings. The first step is for ISES to collect available drawings to plan the work efficiently. Next, our personnel visit your site(s), walk your buildings and gather nameplate data for each item. Service or equipment type is noted, and any available drawings and schedules are collected. Equipment is typically barcoded while our teams are recording the data. We recommend barcode tags that provide the option to move toward mobile maintenance tracking via handheld devices.

Years of experience and consultation with our clients have helped us to balance your want for a detailed inventory with your need to contain the cost for these services. We apply a commonsense approach to the intent to record and tag every equipment item. For example, you may desire to tag every exit sign in every building – but this level of detail can cause data overload. We recommend the use of a Virtual Tag for such assets. Similarly, the belt within an air handler doesn’t need a tag; the air handler itself does. We create parent/child relationships for such equipment and recommend tagging the parent only. A third recommendation we make involves employing system asset tags but not barcodes for such items as roofs and fenestrations to capture corrective work orders and maintenance procedures.

Our inventory teams capture the data in handheld tablets. Upon return to our office, we conduct QA on the data, which often involves extended discussions to ensure the final deliverable meets your needs.

The final deliverables will be a fully inventoried and labeled building as well as Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets containing the collected data and detailing the inventoried assets. The data files can be provided in a structure you specify for upload into your IWMS/CMMS.

The maintenance plan development phase involves formulating the data structure for the equipment and maintenance portion of the IWMS/CMMS. ISES furnishes keywords along with associated attribute collections and then custom-develops the maintenance program. We provide a comprehensive plan that can include: standardized maintenance task lists, frequencies, time standards, shop assignments, safety notes, and listings of tools and materials required.

This information originates from our extensive ISES Maintenance Procedure Library. We also research original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-recommended maintenance procedures for application to the inventoried equipment. The resulting report is delivered in Microsoft Excel® workbooks, allowing swift upload through the back end of the IWMS/CMMS.

How do you develop a program and budget for operating and maintaining a newly constructed or renovated facility? An ISES Operations & Maintenance Programming report will result in:
– A Total Cost of Ownership Model, including startup and annual costs
– Staffing estimate for maintenance and repair, custodial and grounds
– Maintenance program development (routine, preventive and predictive procedures)

The process also helps identify and create management and key player roles, an initial budget structure and initial IWMS/CMMS usage auditing. The primary advantage of this service, however, is that it is a third-party illustration of the loads a new building can levy on the FM organization, presentable to owners’ governing bodies, which often are unaware of and therefore trivialize such effects.

The bound report can also become an essential building handbook for the facility operations organization. The staffing and cost estimates will show multiple levels of maintenance in accordance with the APPA Levels of Performance.

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