ISES conducted a Facilities Condition Assessment for The Home Depot

Project Duration

2011-2012, 2015


61 buildings, 29 million GSF


Facility Condition Assessments

Home Depot picture collage

The Home Depot

Proper stewardship of a facilities portfolio includes long-range facility renewal planning. Such planning requires knowledge of the current condition of the portfolio of assets. The FCA provided by ISES Corporation establishes the necessary baseline for proper planning to occur. Realizing this, in 2011 The Home Depot requested FCA services from ISES Corporation for a number of Distribution Center facilities, from which products are shipped to more than 2,000 stores.

This project was completed in three phases. The beginning and end phases were to provide FCAs for 61 Distribution Centers throughout the United States. The phase in-between was a little bit different from ISES’ typical scope of work. The Home Depot wanted our inspectors to perform Crack Mapping for select Distribution Centers that were also slated for comprehensive FCA inspections in the other phases. The Crack Mapping service was to more closely evaluate the condition of the concrete slab floors.

ISES architectural and engineering inspectors gathered information on the condition of the various facility components and determined what repairs or modifications were necessary to restore all systems and buildings to a like-new condition. The recommendations were categorized and prioritized, culminating in a written report on each facility, complete with photographs and CAD drawings. They were also loaded into the ISES Asset Management System. Home Depot facilities managers can edit, update and delete data to help manage their capital renewal needs.