ISES conducted a Building Evaluation Reports (BERs) for GSA

Project Duration:

2006 – Present


100+ buildings
2 million GSF


Building Evaluation Reports (BERs)/Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs)


Utilities Infrastructure Assessment

Collage of GSA buildings that ISES assessed for the project


Building Evaluation Reports

ISES has experience conducting BERs at the 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 Levels. In 2010, we delivered FCAs to Region 9 on a 20-story office tower and an adjacent two-story building. As with all the FCAs that ISES conducts, we walked the buildings and evaluated the site, exterior structure, interior finishes and systems, accessibility, fire/life safety, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and vertical transportation systems.

In 2015, ISES was awarded two contracts to conduct a total of four BERs for Region 4 under Schedule GS-21F-0045W. 

Utility Infrastructure and Energy Expertise

ISES Corporation has performed a number of projects for the US General Services Administration (GSA) National Capitol Region (NCR) Heating Operation and Transmission Division (HOTD). In August 2010, ISES completed a report commissioned by the NCR entitled Strategic Analysis and Recommendation for HOTD Long-Term Operation. This study identified and analyzed possible alternatives to the Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant (CHRP) and formulated a fully integrated plan for retooling the energy portfolio within GSA. The analysis included a detailed summary relating to the application of incremental steam generation for each of the 82 facilities served by HOTD, and considered several lesser-known but environmentally sound and conservation-based technologies as well. The concluding recommendation was a specific mix of technologies determined to be a best fit of solutions that meet the opportunities and federally mandated requirements to apply alternative and renewable sources of energy for future use.

In May 2012, ISES teamed with another firm to conduct a study on the loss capacity of certain aging boilers for the US GSA NCR. This follow-on study to the 2010 report was a result of concern on the part of HOTD to continue to provide steam capacity to its distribution customers. The scope of work required that the solution recommended be sufficient to last for at least 15 years, to allow HOTD and GSA time to develop new technology or provide another form of delivering steam to their customers. ISES identified and analyzed four alternatives that meet the requirements.

ISES conducted a Building Evaluation Reports (BERs) for GSA

ISES conducts FCAs and BERs under its MAS Facilities Service Schedule GS-21F-00045W.