Do you need a simple way to understand which energy- and water-saving projects to implement, but want to avoid the additional costs of retaining an Energy Use Company (ESCO) or the complexity of software modeling?

Our Energy and Water Reduction Consulting Service uses a modification of ASHRAE Energy Audit Levels I and II. Our energy assessors will conduct a walk-through and the resulting report will list recommended Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) and Water Reduction Measures (WRMs). The report includes energy and water saving, simple payback period (SPP) and return on investment (ROI) estimates for each recommended project.

The ISES energy and water reduction report focuses on the bottom line recommendation and potential savings. It is ideally suited for nontechnical decision makers and avoids excessive discussion of technical approaches and details. The emphasis is on findings and conclusions – not the methods of analysis.

Systems and associated equipment assessed include:

  • Steam or Hot Water Generation Systems, including Balance-of-Plant equipment
  • Steam or Hot Water Distribution Systems
  • Condensate Return Systems
  • Chilled Water Generation Systems, including Balance-of-Plant equipment
  • Chilled Water Distribution Systems
  • Electrical Generation Systems, including Balance-of-Plant equipment
  • Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Facility HVAC Systems
  • Campus and Facility Lighting Systems
  • Domestic Hot Water Generating Systems
  • Domestic Hot Water Distribution Systems
  • Domestic Water Systems
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Facility End-Use Systems
  • Procurement: Methods and schedules for the purchase of commodity energy or utility services, including cola, electricity, water and natural gas (as applicable)

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