ISES conducted Infrastructure Assessment for Argonne National Lab

Project Duration:

1993 – 2010


5.8 million GSF


Facility Condition Assessments

Infrastructure Assessment

Picture collage of Argonne National Lab

Argonne National Laboratory

In 1993, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) embarked upon a program of condition assessment for all facilities at the ANL site. Initially, the staff was using a handheld data capture system developed by the Department of Energy. ISES was hired by ANL to help implement the program using these existing resources. During the course of training ANL personnel, it became apparent that the handheld system was extremely difficult to use and did not effectively export data. ANL chose to perform a test using the ISES system of condition inspection. Using our method, ISES was able to inspect the entire site in a timely manner and for less than one-third of the cost of the previous handheld application inspection process.

Given the experience of the pilot program, ANL selected ISES as its provider of choice for condition assessment services. ISES personnel inspected all existing assets at the ANL site and reported their condition for this prestigious national research laboratory.

For 20+ years now, ISES personnel have updated the ANL database on an annual basis. The update cycle was originally timed to occur over a three-year period, but it has grown to a four-year cycle due to the addition of an entirely new operation, plus inclusion of the site infrastructure in the database.

In addition to providing these services, ISES personnel have assisted senior management at ANL in the preparation of O&M studies, selection and implementation of a new CMMS system, and various needs analyses. Studies and data provided by ISES have consistently helped senior management at ANL support budget requests and effectively manage their facilities portfolio.