Streamline Performance Through Organizational Analysis building backgroundstreamline-the-performance-of-your-facilities-department-through-ises's-organizational-analysis-service

Benchmark the current condition

of your facilities department.

FCA Facilities Benchmarking backgroundPreventive-Maintenance-Program

Provide the means to correctly

budget and allocate capital.

Ises provides the means to budget and allocate capitalUtilities_Infrastructure_Condition_Assessment_Icon

Streamline the performance

of your expensive infrastructure.

Facilities Condtion Assessment backgroundprioritize-the needs-of-your-building-through-ises's-fca-services

Lengthen equipment life

with an enhanced maintenance program.

ISES's-ada-barrier-removal-plan background imageises-corporation-ada-removal-plan

Compliance is the Law.

It’s Also Good Business.

Picture of a Windmill representing the energy service ISES Corporation offersises-corporation-energy-service

Learn simple steps

to reduce energy and water consumption.

Picture of a rusting machinery representing the Life Cycle Analysis service ISES Corporation offersIses-corporation-lifecycle-service

Inventory your equipment

and estimate replacement value.

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ADA Barrier Removal Plan

Is your campus or complex ADA-compliant? How do you know? An ISES ADA compliance plan identifies all barriers, recommends corrective action, estimates associated costs, and then prioritizes recommendations based on criticality of the barrier and importance of access to a given building.



Do you need a simple way to understand which energy- and water-saving projects to implement? Are you eager to avoid the additional costs of retaining an Energy Use Company (ESCO) and the complexity of intricate software modeling? Our Energy and Water Reduction Consulting Service uses a modification of ASHRAE Energy Audit Levels I and II and is the perfect solution.


Emergency Damage Assessment

Fire. Flood. Earthquake. Hurricane. Tornado. Storm of the Century. After you’ve assured the safety of building occupants, you’ll be focused on your business continuity plan. ISES will prepare an immediate and comprehensive damage assessment of your facilities as a modified Facility condition Assessment.